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SearchEye - Bringing Link Opportunities To Your Email
Re-designing SearchEye's email newsletter to make backlink ordering simple, friendly, and efficient.
SearchEye - Bringing Link Opportunities To Your Email

Problem Statement

How might we encourage more users to interact with SearchEye’s daily newsletter?

Product Designer
Lydia Shan [Designer], Chris Porteous [Product Owner & CEO], Jay Fernando [Dev. Lead]
3 days [August 2, 2022 - August 5, 2022]
Figma, Figjam, Jira, Donedone, Mailtrap
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Backlinks are the new rage in the SEO world. What if you can browse and buy straight from your daily email newsletter? In this project, my goal was to optimize SearchEye’s 3pm Links to better attract users, facilitate the ordering process, and receive better user feedback.

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The email newsletter was the perfect way to push new backlinks for purchase. But poor copy, lack of colour utilization, and thoughtless design implementation, discouraged users from ordering through the platform.

The Solution

My solution was UI leaning and involved:

  • Optimizing colour to depict hierarchy or rank
  • Adding visuals to attract and provide details
  • Incorporating feedback interactions


We discovered that a majority of the users have been ordering from the 3PM links newsletter. The 3PM links campaign was successful in reaching a multitude of customers. However, many users were ordering manually by emailing back rather than purchasing directly from the email. We received feedback that the email was hard to read and order from. So we asked our users what felt difficult to them.

We found that:

  • Gain: Users liked that they had links delivered straight to their email inbox.
  • Pain: They struggled with browsing through every link
  • Pain: Clicking order now on the email prompts them to log-in on their mobile device which is more steps than simply replying to the email directly with desired links.


User Insights

From analyzing the user insights, I focused on improving the email's content and UI to make it more scannable and easy to order from.


Additionally, the new design had to accommodate varying levels of browsing intensity for our three  types of clients

Business Goals

How do we determine success?

  • Customer traffic: Increased engagement from 3PM links email
  • Revenue growth: More conversions and purchases from the 3PM links email
  • Internal resources: Less manual orders

Product goals

What features do we need to meet our targets?



When I start ideation, I always look to different inspiration. If I had more time I would have spent more time sketching and building out wireframes. But due to the simplicity of the project, I built out the prototype and so it could be ready for review in a few days.

Design Changes


Was this project successful?

Problem at hand: How might we encourage more users to interact with SearchEye’s daily newsletter?


  • Increase number of clicks from the email newsletter -> Since the re-design, clicks on the email have increased by 300%.
  • Increase orders taken from the email newsletter -> There was an increase of orders as a result of the higher click volume
  • Reduce amount of manual orders -> However there was one problem–there wasn’t a huge change in the amount of orders through the platform. Orders were still coming in manually (email responses). I speculate that the friction point may be the log-in page–Looks like another project for me to tackle! But as the first iteration, the team has deemed it a success!

Launching the email design

A look at the latest update of the email design (launched and live)👇


What I learned
  • This project taught me the importance of understanding the needs of various stakeholders and users involved. Although there were many alterations that could be made, I realized I should prioritize the copy and simple UI changes first knowing what users needed and what the development team could handle.
  • For example, I had a vision for the links users’ ordered from the email to be “retained” when they logged in to their accounts to order through the platform (long-term goal).  However, learning about the current limitations within emails from the dev team made me realize that I had to find a work around for users to have a smooth experience going from email to the web-app.
Next steps
  • The next steps of the email design is to integrate more deeply into the user journey of ordering from the platform. On the business side, I want the designs to increase conversion rate and push more orders to be processed through the platform.
  • To do that, my next projects include tacking the log-in page and streamlining the order-flow on the SearchEye web application.

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