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A music educator turned designer, creating experiences that bring vibrancy and joy to the community. Currently designing at
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My Projects

Here are some of my current and most recent projects.

Design Systems

Building and scaling a design system

Creating a simple yet impactful design system

Product Design

Designing Kumi - A royalty app that strengthens the local community

What if we could digitize and centralize the traditional rewards systems, retain business individuality, and provide non-monetary forms of support?

Web Design

Bringing music to a wider audience

A redesign of the piano pedagogy website at the University of Toronto


Re-learning how to unplug and relax

Re-designing the meditation app, Unplug, to help declutter the content layout by implementing colour consistency and restructuring the information hierarchy.


Re-imagining T&T's Digital Experience

A simpler, friendlier, more accessible grocery shopping app. Make your online grocery shopping experience effortless and enjoyable.


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